Back to School Jitters

It’s back to school time again.  The first day of preschool can be hard on our young ones, and our parents;)  kids and parents alike can have back to school jitters.  As parents we are always sad for them to take that first step.  Focus on being proud that they’re bright, enthusiastic, and READY to begin making their impact on this world.  Here are some ways to help your child achieve success in their new venture.

*Always say good-bye to children and let them know you’re leaving. (Some tears might be involved on both sides!) This might be hard and you might be tempted to sneak out, but this is important as it builds trust in the children.  Children usually get over their separation anxiety easier with short sweet goodbyes and the reassurance parents will return.
*Talk to your child ahead of time about their individual routines. Example – Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, mom/dad will drop you off at school, you’ll learn, play with friends, and create art while mom/dad is at work, then mom/dad will pick you up and you can tell us all about your day.  Routines build confidence in children, they know what to expect.
*Bring a small blanket from home (no larger than 40” x 50”) for quiet time to cuddle with.  These special things from home can make the transition from play time to rest easier.
The most important things you can do to help you kids get into a routine is be understanding, supportive, and loving.  Remember…You’ve got this!