Monkeys Program 2

Our curriculum is set up to build on the foundation of skills that have already been taught.  Each day starts with Morning Circle Time.  Our routines help to foster confidence and independence in the children. Alphabet & phonics, numbers, early mathematical skills and basic number sense is practiced daily through teacher directed activities, and also though one on one workbook practice. An introduction to vowels and sight words is also started, to build an understanding on how to create words.   All of our activities are directed toward kindergarten preparedness.  The children are encouraged to participate in class discussions to help build confidence in public speaking. Multiple STEAM activities help to encourage interest in basic science concepts and to promote child driven inquiry.  Computers and tablets are introduced using educational material to prepare children for skills vital in school.

Creative arts is included in our daily curriculum to help foster imagination, explore the senses, and to boost confidence in our children.  Music and dance is incorporated to build fine and gross motor skills, physical coordination, and body awareness, while encouraging creativity.  Our curriculum includes teacher directed activities, and semi-structured physical play, to provide both large and small group settings for the children to grow in social and emotional awareness.  Plenty of free play and activities are offered for children to explore their individual interests.

Alphabet & Phonics


Early Mathematical Skills

Basic Number Sense


Intro to Vowels & Sight Words

Dramatic Play

Early Science

Story Time

Music & Dance

STEAM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Outside Time

Free Time

Computer and Tablet Literacy