Tigers Program 3

Our program provides an advanced level kindergarten preparedness course.  Activities that foster self-regulation abilities and emotional development are available daily, to provide children a sound foundation of skills, that will help them through life.  Our nurturing staff work with the children, modeling positive discipline to teach them life skills and leadership.  In this program we expand on their literary skills, through advanced phonics and reading comprehension, during story time.  Mathematical skills are enhanced, spatial and temporal concepts are introduced.  The children’s world knowledge is also broadened through geographical activities, and social studies.  Our curriculum encompasses community awareness and teaches cultural diversities.

Many STEAM activities and hands on scientific experiments help foster inquisitiveness,  innovation, and imagination.  The children participate in class discussions to share their thoughts and ideas, which fosters critical thinking, builds self-esteem and confidence through public speaking.  Computer and tablet education is continued, improving technological skills and problem solving, vital in schools.  We provide the children opportunities to investigate, extend their sense of wonder, experience success, and develop a positive attitude toward learning. Our curriculum includes art, music / dance, building, free play, outside play, and dramatic play daily to build the children’s creativity and imaginations.

Intermediate Phonics


Reading Comprehension


Workbook Practice

Dramatic Play


STEAM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Story Time

Social Studies

Intermediate Mathematical Concepts

Music and Dance

Computer and Tablet Literacy

Outside Play

Free Play