Why Tiny Tots Preschool

Your child’s safety and well being is our number one concern.  Our front entrance is locked at all times.  Only our parents and staff have a code which allows them access to the school.
We have observation cameras and monitors to see who comes and goes at our preschool and to observe and monitor the facility at all times.

Our research team has methodically developed our curriculum. Guiding both children and teachers to engage in meaningful conversations, singing, stories, creative activities, and outdoor play to build the child as a whole.

Your child’s success depends on communication between our parents and staff.  Our Staff is always ready and available to have open discussions about your children’s education.

Tiny Tots gives our children many opportunities to foster their self-esteem
Developing strong self-esteem in our children, to feel confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas, is vital for future speaking and leadership skills.

At Tiny Tots Preschool and Daycare Center we value each child for their individuality.  We celebrate all the children’s successes as they develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, creatively, and linguistically into well-rounded individuals.

All of our staff members are fingerprinted and a background check is done.

Kindergarten preparedness encompasses many different aspects of a child’s development.  We strive to ready our children both academically and socially to give them the greatest success.

Teachers help to shape children’s formative minds.  Our well-trained, experienced staff is very loving and nurturing, concentrating on each child’s strengths to provide an optimum learning environment.

Tiny Tots Preschool and Daycare Center is a family oriented
facility where children are safe and secure to explore and
expand their love of learning.