About Us

Cute little children drawing and studying at daycare

Welcome to Tiny Tots Facility

Tiny Tots knows that the safety and security of your children is your top concern.  At our facility the front gate and door remain locked.  Only our staff and parents have the code needed for access to our center.  Security cameras surround our facility to provide extra security.  All of our facility conforms to state licensing requirements for the safety of the children.  We believe our children’s environment is as equally important, we consciously use space, color, natural light, displays of children’s work and masterpieces, along with nature to provide a learning environment the children will thrive in.  Classrooms are set up to promote curiosity and exploration.  Our children enjoy the outdoors in a spacious play area with age appropriate, clean, and safe equipment.

Rest time is provided to give the children a mid-day chance to physically rest and emotionally unwind. This helps the children to stay healthy and alert in the afternoon. Children may nap, read, or play quietly.


Our research team has methodically developed our curriculum to provide learning, in vast and varied methods, (route manner technique). Through both teacher directed and child initiated activities, we give them ample ways to absorb information.

Cute little children lying on floor in kindergarten
Art – Creative and sensory activities to foster children’s


Workbook Practice – Teaches recognition, phonics,
mathematical concepts, and early writing skills for kindergarten preparedness.


Computer & Tablet Literacy – Teaches vital skills needed in our technology based society through age appropriate
comprehensive educational programs.


Dramatic Play – Fosters imagination and creativity.  Students
can pretend to be anything and do anything.  Promotes
high level thinking, problem solving, taking turns, and enriches


Music & Dance – Promotes coordination, body awareness,
rhythm, and physical development in a fun and entertaining
Outdoor Play – Allows the children the freedom to explore in a safe and secure environment with age appropriate play


Quiet Time – Provides children necessary time to either nap,
play quietly, or read quietly.


STEAM Activities – These activities integrate science,
technology, engineering, arts and math into fun filled and
curiosity building experiments.  They help to foster critical
thinking and problem solving skills.


World Geography – Introduces and enhances the children’s
knowledge about the place they live and the world around them.


Social Studies – Promotes community awareness,
social-emotional development, and moral and ethical character.