Busy Bees Program 1

Our intro into preschool classes are a first step after our infant center.  Children expand on the knowledge they have already developed in the first years of their life.  Tiny Tots Preschool program is comprehensive and covers many facets of child development. Our staff is always loving and nurturing. This develops independence and confidence in our preschoolers, from the moment they walk in the door.  Our day starts off with Morning Circle Time, followed by introduction to alphabet & phonics, beginning numbers, basic math and number sense, colors/shape recognition, and early science.  Children are taught in large and small group settings to sharpen their social and interaction skills, but also given plenty of one on one attention that is crucial for preschoolers.  Our classrooms are set up to give the children ample time and opportunities to practice fine and gross motor skills, language development, art and creativity, music and dance, through multiple activities.  Early educational programs are started on computers and tablets to introduce the children to skills needed in school and life.

Alphabet & Phonics

Color & Shape Recognition

Intro to Numbers

Math & Basic Number Sense

Early Science

Intro to Computer and Table Literacy

Dramatic Play

Story Time

Music & Dance


STEAM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Outside Play

Free Play