Tigers Program 4

Our curriculum motivates our children to excel in academics.  Their language and literary skills, writing skills, eye/motor skills, social and emotional skills, and independence grow through both teacher directed and student initiated activities.  Our multimedia interactive teaching methodology allows students to develop confidence and self esteem.  Tablet and computer literacy develops the children’s technical knowledge and skills to help them through school, and provide important life skills. Morning Circle Time and workbook practice builds upon phonics and language skills, advanced reading skills and comprehension, mathematical concepts, spatial knowledge, and temporal knowledge.  Social studies, our community, and world geography are explored through hands on projects and literature.

Our multiple and various STEAM activities are engaging and fun.  The children enjoy participating in class discussions and developing hypothesis’ about the workings of the world around them.  They gain confidence in public speaking by being able to express their thoughts and ideas freely, without fear of error.  Engaging in experiments, they learn teamwork, critical thinking, and foster their creativity to come up with solutions to problems with their classmates.  Self-regulation abilities are also sharpened though these activities.

Tiny Tots Preschool views each child as an individual, and provides many opportunities for your child to grow as a whole.  We use multiple teaching methods to provide our children with a good foundation for kindergarten.  Children are taught in large and small group settings, individual student / teacher sessions, and also given plenty of free play to explore their areas of interest.  Art, music and dance, building, pretend play, and outside play are included in our programs daily.

STEAM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Reading Comprehension

Advanced Phonics

Computer & Tablet Literacy

Story Time

Workbook Practice

Dramatic Play

Music & Dance


Social Studies



Advanced Mathematical Concepts

Outside Play

Free Play