Tiny Turtles

Tiny Tots Preschool understands finding the right “second home” for your infant is a very emotional and important decision. We care for and love each child in our Tiny Tots Family. We grow emotional and trusting bonds with our infants to ensure our babies feel safe and secure. Most important of all your infant will be well cared for by loving and caring teachers. Our teachers are well experienced and educated by college course child development classes, early childhood education and infant / toddler courses. Teachers onsite are CPR and first aid certified (a class which we offer to parents every other year by a registered nurse in our facility).

The first year of a child’s life is the most monumental and critical year for a child’s present and future development. Our infant care center offers an educational and developmentally appropriate environment where your child will thrive. Our routines are age appropriate, daily structured activities which help in our infants social, physical, and emotional development. Our activities focus on enhancing our infants sensory and motor skills such as touch, smell, watching, and listening. Our infants develop their social skills by socializing with other children during music time, arts and crafts, and during indoor and outdoor playtime.

Our staff constantly speaks to our babies, building their understanding of language and teach them about the world around them. We sing to our infants to comfort them, calm them, and to make closer connections with our infants, while encouraging the expression of language.

Music and dance are also incorporated into our daily curriculum, increasing fine and gross motor skills, physical coordination, and body awareness, while at the same time helping with cognitive and speech developments. Story time is introduced early to promote listening skills from a young age. It is also an opportunity to provide a beginning understanding of feelings and emotions. Art is introduced to foster creativity and develop fine motor skills. It gives them hands on experiences to explore their senses. Free play, in age appropriate environments, also gives our infants the opportunity to explore the world around them and build self-confidence.

We understand every infant has his or her unique schedule. While our activities are structured, our times are not. Unless otherwise instructed by parents, our infants will sleep when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and play when they feel active.

Communication is especially important in infant care, so all of our staff are always ready and available to have open conversations with parents. Reports about your infants day are also provided daily.

We encourage parents to keep in touch throughout the day. We take and text pictures and videos of your children enjoying their time with us. Throughout the year we compile these pictures and videos into a commemorative CD full of memories and fun your family will enjoy to watch for many years.

Our infant care features: Play environments that encourage safe exploration, personal care that emulates the child-parent relationship, brain stimulation toys and activities, healthy sleeping schedules.

* Diapers and wipes are included in the tuition.


Music and Dance

Story Time

Baby Sign

Art and Creativity

Outside Play

Blocks and Building

Puppet Time

Intro to Phonics

Free Play and Exploration